Monday, August 01, 2005


The long weekend is upon us here in Canada....well it's just about over, but you know, I can live knowing that I took FULL advantage of this years civic Holiday.

*you know, I honestly dont know what this holiday was for, and when I Googled it, I came across the Canadian/American holidays for 2005, and they didnt seem to know either. This is where I came up with Civic Holiday. If they dont have to call this long weekend anything...well then Neither do I!!!....

(Oh ya, there's one more thing I learned from this website)

Stupidly, as a country, we've been celebrating Rememberance Day....but according to this calendar, Rememberance Day only exists in Alberta. (its alphabetical order)

Why should Alberta get their OWN holiday? And isnt Rememberance Day about veterans?....Is that where they shipped them all after the war?...Oh well, it's in Alberta, AND according to this website, Alberta has been the sole proprietor of RD the past few years.

*insert....Pessimism 101
This is what's known as "Ammunition" in the fighting when November 11th comes this year and you dont have a poppy, or you start screaming during the minute of silence, Or boo and hiss the veretans in your local parade....This is what you tell them, and you send them here, to click the link to get the truth. We're not IN Alberta!

I Digress. So for all you people in Canada, who've lost someone near and dear to you, which coincides with RD...we here at "Pessimism Inc."© CARE about your loss, and offer you our deepest condolences, However....take it up with Alberta. We WANT to celebrate, lets get a petition started, and send it to the government over there.....those greedy bastards in Alberta.....and if I KNEW how to start a petition, and add the link to this page, I WOULD do it!

UGH, I came on here to talk about my long weekend, and THIS is what happens.....the stupidities that make my life worth living....

Happy Rememberance Day Alberta!


Jennifer said...

In case you are curious about the long weekend, this will confuse the issue even more. While it's civic holiday everywhere else. It's called Simcoe Day in Toronto. Why? Don't know.

movie scary said...

I wish I could have a loooooooooong weekend.