Saturday, August 20, 2005

A stong Message

This is a picture of G. Bush made of the faces of soldiers who have died during the war. I cant even think of anything witty to's too shocking.


jellofishy said...

i thought it was a very smart idea.
never really liked bush.
and i think millions of other people around the world agree with me.

Master Peebody said...

I agree with you. I think the only person down here in australia that likes bush is johnny howard, our brown nosed prime minister.

Katie said...

i like bush myself. i don't like some of the things he has done but he is the best pres. we have had in a long while. i'm sorry for all the me and women that have died over there. however i'm glad someone stood up to them and went back at them for once. why should we sit here and let them hurt us and other places and kill poeple.

Natalia said...


Wow...that was great. Do you know where that was originally posted? Id it something circulating or on a site? Was it just on the internet or an actual collage? Just if you have the info :) Thanks for posting it.


Jennifer said...

Who exactly do you think Bush stood up to? I don't understand your point. He invaded a sovereign nation with an elected president who had not commited an act of war on your nation at all. I think every nation in the rest of the world that doesn't have a huge reserve of oil sitting under it is breathing a sigh of relief to know that Bush is probably not going to come after them next.

Jennifer said...

P.S. This collage is genius

Princess Pessimism said...


Someone sent it to me...I thought it was blog worthy. Sorry, cant help you out.

And as for you Katie....If you claim someone to be the "BEST" president you've had in a while, then i dont know if you would necessarily disagree with some of the things he has done. I know if I claim something is the "best" i've had, then i dont usually complain about it...or say I wasnt happy with it all the time.

You are DEFINITELY entitled to your own opinion. Politics is ALWAYS a touchy subject that is bound to stir up some controversy....Play nice kids....

Princess Pessimism said...

Natalia...I lied...I found it...

Natalia said...

PP- Cheers :)


popfizz said...

original image from the artist that made it. its been online for quite a while, but its one of those things that really needs to be put out there as often as possible.

viewing the high quality version, where the soilders faces are clear, makes it all the more powerful.

... and Katie.. please be careful not to over simplify what is going on right now. your use of the word "them" is quite incorrect and quite ignorant.

Katie said...

Well then...LOL
I said I liked Bush and he is the best pres. we have had in a while as to Clinton. I would also like to say that I do disagree with some of the things he has done. I see nothing wrong with me disgree with him every now and again. And your not me you dont know my point of views about things. So if ya'll would like to call me incorrect or ignorant and tell me I dont know what I'm talking about. Gohead...Everyone has there own opinion about it.

You should not call someone ignorant till you them at the lest. O and you have not seen ignorant out of me yet!!

Princess Pessimism said... are definitely entitled to your own opinion...but you know, It's important to understand that Jennifer AND Popfizz ALSO have their own opinions. Like I said, politics is a TOUCHY subject...especially when you're country is so divided right now.

Theres the god fearing, gun polishing, tobacco chewing, bush loving americans....or there's the rest of the contry, and the world...It's tough, I know...but please dont be offended...not everyone is always going to agree with you.

Jennifer said...

I can't say I liked Clinton much either, but being American and having a hard-on for Democracy like you all do - you have to say that Clinton was at least a better president than Bush because he was actually elected.
Just my opinion.

Princess Pessimism said...

Okay okay, so the president cheated his way into office...So the president started a war on a country that did nothing but have a surplus of oil, So the president is not an intelligent man.

But, i'll give credit where credit is due. He's dedicated to working on his golf swing....which has improved imensely wouldnt you agree?

If he thinks that spending YOUR american tax dollar on his country club membership is BETTER than using it to help the homeless or sending more provisions to the people in Iraq, then I cringe for the future of your country.

When another world war breaks out becuase of what's going on, I guarantee that it's going to be bad. And where will all those Bush loving fanatics be then? Standing front line..with their guns, waiting to die for the man who put them there? Waiting to sacrifice their lives for the benefit of the nation?

I dont think so...they'll be the FIRST ones running...and the first ones to complain about the mistakes have been made since 2001.

Princess Pessimism said...

WAIT...I have a question....


I'm not condeming you...i'm not saying your opinion is wrong, I'm just asking....

popfizz said...

everyone.. please.. cant we all just get al...SMACK!!!...
oooh sorry for almost saying that.

how about we lighten the mood in this comments section by changing the subject..

anyone game to a lil' roundtable on abortion or religious beliefs?????

Katie said...

Yes, i did vote last year. WHY?

Sorry i was not in a good mood when i read that. However ya'll do have your points in the matter.
Ya'll have your own opinions also and they are good ones.

You also have a very good point about our tax dollars also. He could be putting them to better use other then himself. I just think all this war shit just neebds to stop. I am tired of seeing how many more poeple have died in this war.

One things I do know is that Bush should at state ment to all those that have lost loved ones in the past fucking week or two.

I'm seeing a new light people.

Mr. O said...

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

Our demise as a country has been (gradually) and will be due to vast divisions within.

Sadly, its no wonder that only a tragedy can unite us as humans, yet separate us on other levels.

At the risk of sounding extremely cliche and redundant, all this world needs is to know love.

Esbee said...

Katie is 19, if I'm reading her blog profile correctly.

Which means she was born in 85 or 86.

Which means she's only been alive for four presidents, as she was born during Reagan. Perhaps Katie was precocious, but unless she was hyper politically aware before the age of, well, let's say 10, she really has only experienced 2 presidents - Clinton and Dubya.

I don't agree with her position, but I do think one should factor her age into her perspective, which is simply callow.

Esbee said...

PS: lest anyone wonder if that's a slam, it's not.

lacking experience of life.
Synonyms: inexperienced, naive, unsophisticated

Princess Pessimism said...

Esbee...I agree with you 100%. I knew Katie's age, which is why I asked her if she had voted in last years election. Most people that are 19 dont give a shit about politics....Katie is more than entitled to her own opinion, and i'm proud of her for expressing it here. Not many people these days would have the guts to admit they like bush...'re if the world needed even ONE., now we've got the next generation.

Katie said...

yes i am 19 and i was born in 85.

I may only been alive for a few pres. but i am big in to law and political things. I am wantting to go to school to study them. i do know a lot more about this then people think i do.I may not have the experienc. But i have been learning about these on my own for years now and i know a lot of things about the past pres.. So i do know what i am talking about.
Just cause i'm young does not mean i dont know anything about the past! Agee has nothing to do with these in my eyes!

Princess Pessimism said...

You're absolutely right Katie...the younger you get interested in your government the better...REGARDLESS of what your political opinions are.

Esbee said...

katie, I was encouraging others to ease up on you because of your age; I wasn't slamming you for it. :)

But the fact remains, that it's very well and good to study things in books, but experience cannot be beat. You can read all about poverty in India and make paper judgments, but until you live in a slum outside of Mumbai, you cannot say you truly understand how it feels to live it, KWIM?

As you mature and your life's experiences affect you, you may find yourself tweaking your views. Very few people's stances remain static.

My own included.

I tend to look back on birthdays divisible by five and marvel at how I've changed and how much has happened in my life since the last such.

And there are certain universally lifechanging events that one cannot even begin to predict the watershed of, like becoming a parent.

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Katie said...

I know that was what you were doind i was just trying let people know just cause im youg does not mean i dont know anything.

You are right, experience cannot be beat. Those who have lived it know all. Those who have not only know what they read in books.

My views may change as i get older.

cristal said...

excuse me for being the radical liberal here, but the picture of Bush made out of faces of the dead soilders is VERY appropriate! I posted that same picture on my blog the day after the election. Bush sent them off to a war based on lies, and the entire Bush administration has oil running through their veins. Plus he is promoting hate, he doesn't want gays to marry for fuckssake! Who gives a shit if gays marry, i think it's beautiful, we need more love in the world!! I can't help but compair that to the segregation back in the 50's and 60's, only gays are the blacks now a days!! I could go on and on about the lies and threats and the gutting of our constitution the Bush administration has done, i have no feelings but disgust for people who support Bush.

Jennifer said...

Amen Cristal, and I'm not even American.

BTW did anyone see that new documentary about Enron. Really interesting.

cheapsunglasses said...

if we don't care of them over there then we will have to take care of them over is sad but so predictable how quickly we have forgotten what we FELT like on 11 september 2003...

Esbee said...

Sad too, how fast we've forgotten what year the 9/11 attacks occurred.

cristal said...

ha that was funny! I personally felt fine on Sept. 11, 2003!
The Bush administration doesn't give a shit about 9/11, they are using that national day of mourning to promote their fucking war!! This year the Pentagon is promoting the 9/11 "Freedom Walk" in NYC on ground zero. Fucking sickening! You even have to fill out a registration form on-line, they even were asking your ethnic background until the Washington Post pulled out of the sponsorship, and people were accusing the pentagon of using the "Freedom Walk" to get information for Army Recruters. Sence then they have changed the on-line registration form, to just you name, age, t-shirt size and e-mail address. Not only that but at the end of the walk Clint Black will preform for everyone, a hick who is a strong Bush supporter and who also wrote a song about killing Iraqis!! They are using the 9/11 to promote they're fucking war and i think it's sick, and they accuse Cindy Sheehan of pissing on her son's memory?? Fucking hipocitical assholes!!

Anonymous said...

no need to repeat the right's talking points cheap_sunglasses, we've all heard them a million times. However, there are several FACTS that contradict the "we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here" propaganda. Here's a few:

1) The extremist group responsible for 9/11/01 had NO, or at most very little, presence in Iraq. Saddam was a dictator and extremists such as these would be a threat to his rule, which he would NOT allow.
2) More than half of the insurgents are 'foriegn fighters', meaning that they aren't Iraqi's and are only there because WE'RE there.

So while we might be fighting actual terroists that are there, they weren't there before we invaded Iraq, and they weren't the reason for the invasion... at least not the reason we were given. Personally, I think it's pretty f*ed up to open a country up to terrorists, that weren't there before. It's like saying "We want to bring the terroists to Iraq so that they won't come to the U.S. Sorry Iraq, but better you then us!" Not to mention it's rather convienient that we chose an oil rich nation as our 'battleground' for the war on terror.

Katie said...

if you personally felt fine on Sept. 11, 2003 then your sick!! that tells me that you dont give a shit about your country or the people in it.

and who are you to say the bush administration does not give a shit about 9/11, you dont have a fucking clue if they do or not. you just say what you want to hear and hear say. and so does everyone else weather there for bush or not. it does not matter.
everyone hase there own opinion. but yous is a bunch of bull shit. cause if you felt fine on 9/11, and you did not fell for those people then what ever comes out of your mouth about this is BULL SHIT!!!!!
O and who gives a shit if people want to walk on 9/11. who gives a damn, if they want to walk let them fucking walk. get over it
i personally like clint black and am glad that he is willing to sing for them. if they are using this for the war. well good someone needs to do something to those fuckers be4 they come over here and hurt our country once more.
and people may say they are hurtting women and kids. and im sorry that they may be doing that. but what about the people that were just working that day and had no reason to be killed. what about them? so i say go for it!!!
and im a fucking hick also!!! dont judge people till you fucking know them!!!!

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cristal said...

First of all, Bush has been using Sept. 11 to push for this bullshit war, hello but if you haven't been paying attention, THEY USED FORGED DOCUMENTS TO TAKE US TO WAR!!!! Iraq had NOTHING to do with Sept. 11! The majority of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq!! But nobody wants to hear the truth, when people are slapped with the trut, the autmatically reject it. That's fucking sad man. Doesn't that make you mad that you were LIED to?? IT infuriates me to the point where i could vomit blood! Bush used 9/11 as a platform for his reelection even though when he was told america was under attack, he acted like pussy and sat there!! he has been using the deaths of all of those people who died on 9/11 to push his bullshit agenda. If you can sleep at night knowing that you support a man who is a giggling killer, that's your right, i think it' sick, but what ever floats your boat honey. Grow up a little and read the fucking news before you make a comment about policts honey.

cristal said...

oops i meant politics.. hee hee i'm stoned! :)

cristal said...

hee hee katies comments remind me of the hate mail Al Franken gets :-D

cristal said...


Katie said...

you now what i would if i could!

get over yourself

Anonymous said...


Cristal (my girlfriend), and just about everyone else in the world, was just fine on September 11, 2003 because NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED. That was the point of the comment that you clearly missed. cheapsunglasses said
" is sad but so predictable how quickly we have forgotten what we FELT like on 11 september 2003...
I hope you just got your dates mixed up, and aren't expecting everyone to hold 'vigils' every 9/11, as that would be hipporcitical since you said:
"...who gives a damn, if they want to walk let them fucking walk. get over it"
Don't be so quickly offended, stop and reread, and make sure you know what your talking about. It also helps to know basic grammer and spelling.

cristal said...

A June 24 Washington Times editorial dismissed the significance of the Downing Street memos' revelation that President Bush had decided to invade Iraq as early as the summer of 2002 by claiming that "[d]espite what he thought in private, the president still exhausted all available options in public," including two visits to the United Nations. But the memos indicate that Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair approached the U.N. at least partly in order to establish a legal basis for regime change, which was illegal under British law. The memos also provide evidence that Bush escalated bombing in Iraq in the hopes of provoking a military response from Saddam Hussein.

The Times wrote:

What is it that we learn here which we didn't already know? It's been clear for some time that the Bush administration was preparing to remove Saddam Hussein by force soon after September 11. Indeed, regime change was U.S. policy under the Clinton administration. Mr. [Rep. John] Conyers [D-MI] and others argue that Mr. Bush's public words masked his true intentions as revealed in the above passage. This could be true, but so what? Despite what he thought in private, the president still exhausted all available options in public. Mr. Blair, for better or worse, convinced Mr. Bush to take the matter to the United Nations, which he did -- twice.

Other memos indicate, however, that British and American leadership considered the United Nations an avenue to provide legal justification for an otherwise illegal invasion. A March 14, 2002, memo from Blair foreign policy advisor David Manning addressed "the U.N. dimension" of coalition-building. Manning wrote:

The issue of the weapons inspectors must be handled in a way that would persuade the European and wider opinion that the US was conscious of the international framework, and the insistence of many countries on the need for a legal base. Renwed [sic] refused [sic] by Saddam to accept unfettered inspections would be a powerful argument.

In a March 18, 2002, memo, Christopher Meyer, British ambassador to the United States, summarized a conversation with then-deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz. Meyer said he and Wolfowitz discussed the need to use weapons inspections to deceive, or "wrongfoot," Saddam Hussein -- presenting him with a U.N. ultimatum on inspections that he would reject, thereby providing justification for armed intervention. Meyer wrote: "I then went through the need to wrongfoot Saddam on the inspectors and the UN SCRs [Security Council Resolutions] and the critical importance of the MEPP [Middle East Peace Process] as an integral part of the anti-Saddam strategy."

The memos also indicate that even while Bush was ostensibly pursuing alternatives to war with Iraq, the U.S. military was applying "pressure on the regime" to force an armed response. The July 23, 2002, memo states: "The Defence Secretary [Geoff Hoon] said that the US had already begun 'spikes of activity' to put pressure on the regime." In a June 23 Los Angeles Times op-ed, Michael Smith, the London Times reporter who first revealed the memos, explained what "spikes of activity" meant:

Put simply, U.S. aircraft patrolling the southern no-fly zone were dropping a lot more bombs in the hope of provoking a reaction that would give the allies an excuse to carry out a full-scale bombing campaign, an air war, the first stage of the conflict.

British government figures for the number of bombs dropped on southern Iraq in 2002 show that although virtually none were used in March and April, an average of 10 tons a month were dropped between May and August.

But these initial "spikes of activity" didn't have the desired effect. The Iraqis didn't retaliate. They didn't provide the excuse Bush and Blair needed. So at the end of August, the allies dramatically intensified the bombing into what was effectively the initial air war.

The number of bombs dropped on southern Iraq by allied aircraft shot up to 54.6 tons in September alone, with the increased rates continuing into 2003.

— S.S.M.

movie scary said...

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