Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ouch..That hurts.

So a friend of mine was in a car accident...not today, but recently enought that I can still talk about it as a cautionary tale....

He was driving, in Ottawa, in his Cavalier, or of those generic cars, that if you get in an accident, it's a write off, becuase you cant ever fix them to drive properly again....So Joey is the type of person that when he stops at the lights, he pulls right up behind you, and I swear you cant see the tires of the person that you're behind.

So he's stopped behind some transport truck, and a car comes flying up behind him and doesnt stop fast enough, and smashes Joeys car, causing him to smash into the transport in front of him....Now, because he's so close to the truck, and the guy from behind hit him so hard, Joeys car got crushed. Thankfully, he's alive, but not unscarred.

Imagine you're driving...the part of the car where your left knee is when you're sitting in the drivers seat was crunched in....and because Joey was sitting there, with his back against the seat, his hips coudnt move back, and with his knee being pushed back with such force, his femur couldnt take it, broke in half, and popped out of the top of his leg....well more like Ripped through the skin....shards of bones...blah blah blah. As far as I know, his body went into shock, and he went unconscious.

Now I know, you're probably wondering what the hell this has to do with be perfectly honest....I read a comment posted on Natalia's blog, *go read her blog, it's great*...About a motorcycle accident *thanks PopFizz..another awesome blog*....and it made me think of my poor Joey...and it made me think of the things that I am MOST afraid of.....So without further adieu....the biggest fears in life.

1. Bleeding from the eyes - I would think that if you are bleeding...from the EYES....there is soemthing VERY wrong with you, on the inside....I have been trying to think of soemthing to put in this category, but I am at such a loss, that I have NO clue, what would cause you to infact Bleed out of your eyes. I'm interested...if you know.

2. Gangrene - If I have a CUT, you can be sure, that I am immeditaly washing it with soap and water, and then pouring rubbing alcohol all over it, to make sure there are NO germs in it.

3. Compound Fractures - As in the case with Joey, where his femur broke in half and then ripped out of his leg....The THOUGHT of that, makes me shudder. I dont know about you, but I am a firm believer that if my bones are on the outside of my's REALLY going to hurt. I remember being in grade 6, and this kid I have known forever was playing basketball, he jumps up to make a shot, and his forearm hits the rim of the net, and his bone rips out of his wrist....I dont know, but I probably fainted before he did.

4. Burning to death - I am not afraid of death, i'm not afraid to die...i'm sort of curious to see whats after this life....what i'm afraid of, is how it's going to happen. I would LOVE to die in my sleep....just like that, go to bed, and not wake up again. I love my bed, and I love sleeping. What better way to go? If there's any pain, you're sleeping, you dont know. I know how much it hurts when I burn my finger....i cant imagine my entire body....

5. Fish - Yes, i'm afraid of wasnt an overnight thing either....When I was younger, we used to go to a cottage up north, and my cousin would tell me that there were big fish in the water that would eat my toes off....and of course, this is when I was the only one swimming in the lake...or the time My brother in law asked me to hold his fishing line one day, years later, and of course, a fish bit immediately and I pulled the line out of the water, and asked someone to take the fish off the hook, except it was bleeding, BECAUSE I caught it through the EYEBALL...or when I was 4 and had 2 goldfish that I got for my birthday, who both commit suicide within a week....or the countless nightmares I have about goldfish....Believe's a DEVELOPED fear....there are way more examples.

6. Worms - When I was 2 maybe, I rememebr sitting on the grass in my front yard while my parents did some gardening, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had a blue and red horizontal striped shirt on, with those blue adidas shorts, with the while trim around the edges....and while I was sitting there, a GIGANTIC tomato worm came and crawled on my leg...i've been horrified ever since....and i've never even TOUCHED A worm.

7. The Bear in the Big Blue House - Yes...that stupid puppet bear on tv....that kids show. He's scary...his neck, it looks detached from his body...he's just so big, and wobbly, and looks like he doesnt have a spine..he just CREEPS me out.

They say that the BEST way to overcome fear is to face it head on....well i'm not about to smash my arm on somthing so hard the bones pop out....Or lay in a bathtub full of goldfish....Or watch that Kids tv show....I'm perfectly FINE with my fears to tell you the truth...and as long as i'm never exposed to them...i'm even better.


Natalia said...

hehe I said that about a swim with great whites to get rid of my fear of sharks... not gonna happen. And ouch indeed.


Woodenpurse said...

I've gotten rear-ended pretty badly a couple of times. Last week I drove into a flood which was up to my upper back, I'm freakin PARANOID now when driving on he road. But being rear-ended scares me in particular because there really is not too much I can do about it. I constantly check my rear mirror to make sure cars aren't getting too close- even though if they are, I can't do too much. But, I keep flippin panicking. I really really really hope your friend will turn out okay because an injury like that really is likely to stay with you for the remainder of your life.

Princess Pessimism said...

N - I thought of you when I wrote that about the fish...LOL I didnt forget your shark fears

WP - My friend is fine...he was just in shock, and after 4 surgeries, he's almost as good as used. He's not afraid to start driving again, but I think he wants to be able to walk again first...LOL....he's got some serious Frankenstein scars on his leg, but he's pretty resilliant, he'll be okay

Esbee said...

I am afraid of approxinately 80% of the wildlife in Australia, with a special shoutout to the plethora of deadly ones.

Thankfully, I live in NC. :D

Lindsey said...

I HATE flying insects. They freak me out and I'm always terrified they'll get stuck in my hair. I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

As for the eye thing...the bleeding is generally the rupturing of the blood vessels in the eye. ( I work for an Ophthalmologist)

Nuclear Beaver said...

Leprosy. Hands down.

Phil said...

In no. 5 you said you went to your cottage up North. Up North from you would be the Arctic circle. You need to change your philosophy. If you spend all your time thinking about what scares you, you'll never leave your house and do what you enjoy.

Princess Pessimism said...

Phil - It's HARDLY the arctic circle LOL! What MOST Americans DONT realize is that where I live in Canada, if you follow the border line from BC...Oh wait, none of you know where BC is, let me help you out...Washington to Maine, St. Catharines is more southern than Just about 8 states, and is parallel with about 6 of them.

Now tell me that I'm in the arctic Circle, when St. Cathainres, Gets maybe 2 feet of snow per winter, and Buffalo, NY gets OVER 7 feet of swow per winter. The last time I checked Phil...Buffalo, was in the SAME state that you are. LOL!!!

Contrary to popular belief, and is it POPULAR amongst Americans...We Cannot go skiing in the summer. actually, let me put it to you this way...St. Catharines, and the entire area that surrounds wher I live, has the SAME weather as NYC ALL YEAR LONG. I's SCHOCKING....try watching the weather channel sometime! HEE HEE!

And about my fears...they dont ever stop me from doing anything, except going in a lake or ocean...but I'm fine with that, since I ALSO dont like the idea of swimming in a Fish Toilet. HAHAHA

Jennifer said...

#1 - bleeding from the eyes can be caused by one of my favourite diseases - Ebola! Also any other hemoragic fever can cause bleading from the eyes and all the other orifices if it gets bed enough, Dengue fever is another example and that one is also mosquito borne.
#3 - Speaking of compound fractures, I remember the time my cousin fell of the really high slide at a park down by the waterfront in Toronto. We all loved this slide because it was soo big, as a 4 year old it seemed like it was 50 feet tall. So after he fell I went over to see if he was OK and his bone was sticking out through the skin at the wrist. I had no idea what was going on of course. But that was one of my earliest memories - do you think there's any connection between my creepy early memories and how interested I am in gorey subjects as a grown-up - or maybe I was always a freak and just remember this stuff because it interested me more than Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids.

But, the thing I hate most of all is rats. *Shudder*

popfizz said...

very sorry to hear about your friend and his accident.. hope he sues the shit outta the person who hit him.

my fear..
sliding down a long staircase rail and having it turn into a razor blade 1/2 way down. i never do the slide.

petrow said...

what about bears that are in politics taking over the world with there old value village suites and briefcases with paper galore.

Princess Pessimism said...

Jenny - You and your "Top 5" liste of diseases....go to her Jenny's blog and bug her about Haunta virus.

PopFizz -'re canadian, We dont sure people here, an apology is good enough

wigsf said...

How does a fish commit suicide?
I've had dozens of fish and yes, they're all dead now, but I don't think any of them died of suicide. They all either froze to death, eaten by predatory birds or (long story short) slurry.

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