Thursday, August 11, 2005

Demons to Some....Angels to Others: Part 4

8. Original Scares

Now this category is a BIG one, but i'm going to only put a couple of mentionable things in it. There are a LARGE number of shitty horror movies, that have one scene, that really grabs you. It's never been done before, It's completely original, and because it's brand spanking new, it's scary....Horror is the definitive copy cat game.....Valentine=Halloween, House of 1000 Corpses=Texas Chainsaw Massacre...Okay okay, Scream, Halloween, Friday the 13th....They're all the man in the mask slasher flicks, but each one is original in it's own right. Scream was the FIRST horror movie to ever have 2 killers. Original...See? So for all intents and purposes, this is going to be a short category, of full movies, or scenes worth mentioning....there are WAY too many, and this category only scratches the surface.

Saw - Reality challenge meets horror movie/gore fest. Sure this movie had shitty acting, but the idea behind it was brilliant. A killer who doesn't kill. A sociopath who punishes you for your crimes against yourself.....He teaches you to appreciate the life that you're throwing away...Because if he catches you, chances're life is just about over. Only if you are a REAL fan of horror movies, will you ever appreciate the originality of this movie....

House on Haunted Hill - I can already hear the "booing". I know, this movie SUCKS. HOWEVER, there is one amazing scene. Bridgette Wilson is walking around the house with a video camera, and she comes into a room where they used to do surgery. When your eyes survey the room, there is nothing there, but through the video camera, she can see the ghosts of old doctors performing surgery. And as she watches, they stop surgery, and turn their heads to look right at her. While off the camera, she still cant see anything. And then of course they kill her....even though they weren't there

The Ring - Creepy for many reasons. That nightmare video, that voice on the phone, the girl in the mental institution who takes Naomi Watts' hand on the table and puts out four of her fingers *HOW DID SHE KNOW THERE WERE ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT???*, the fast clip of the dead girl in the closet, and that girls who climbs out of the TV. I saw this movie at the theater, and have never been to a movie where the audience is actually screaming out loud. Even the guys were "OH MY GODing" louder than most. I went with my cousin, and she was clamped onto my arm so tight that I had finger marks on my hand. She also told me that she didn't sleep until 6am the next day. I bought this movie, and have only ever watched it once...In the daytime, with all the lights on.

Shallow Grave - If you have YET to see this movie. GO GO GO...Stop reading this blog and get to your friendly neighborhood movie rental place and SEE it. This is AMAZING. The movie is comprised of a mishmash of horror scares/gross out/edge of your seat nail biting suspense. The movie isn't SO bad, although, I'll FULLY admit to watching parts of it through the cracks in my fingers...The scene where they cut up the dead body, is phenomenal! The first of any movie I've seen to be so descriptive, and experimental in this morbid fashion.

Child's Play - A movie about a not so scary doll terrorizing his owner and family. Bah, I could pass on this movie....HOWEVER, the movie takes an unexpected turn in originality when Andy is not in the apartment, but Chucky is. Andy's mother picks up the box to throw it away, and as she's looking at it, the batteries fall out, and she realizes everything that's been going on is real.

Boogeyman - Alright Alright...Another horrendous movie...Although, I think one really intense scene is when the main character is in the hotel room with that girl, and his friend is at the house searching for him. The movie clips back and forth from the hotel to the house, and as Tim is in the hotel, he notices the closet, goes inside, and, as his friend is looking for him in his house, we follow him while he's inside of the closet of the hotel room. However, as the mood intensifies, Tim pops out of a closet just as his friend opens it, in his own house. WEIRD. I thought so *I've described it horribly here, but it's a fantastic intense part of the movie*

Exorcist 3 - Mental hospital....Creepy mental hostpital...and as the tension mounts, towards the end of the movie, the camera pans back, and you can see the patients crawling *like baby crawl* across the ceiling upside down....It fucking creeped the shit out of me...especially when I worked in a mental institution, don't think this thought didn't cross my mind

9. The Grossest of the Gross
*The parts of movies, that STILL make my skin crawl...I know i've left some out...forgive me*

Saw - Towards the end of the movie Dr. Gordon cuts the lower half of his leg off....the sound is sickening

Dawn of the Dead *original* - The scene in the mall, when the bikers crash through the glass on their bikes. One of these bad boys gets pulled off his moving bike by the Zombies, the rip his stomach open and eat his intestines while he is still living. It looks VERY convincing...and is still considered one of the sickest movie scenes of all time.

Stir of Echoes - When Kevin Bacon is seeing what the girl went through, during the rape flashback, she's clawing at the floor, and as she's trying to get away, her pinkie nail rips right off her finger....The THOUGHT of this scene has reminded me why i'll never watch this movie ever again. It's not SO bad, but I know the pain associated with ripping nails off....OUCH

Pet Cemetery - Towards the end of the movie, Gage is hiding under the bed while Mr. Crandall is looking for him. Gage has the scalpel and slices Crandall's Achilles tendon....Yuck....Because of this scene, any movie that has anything to do with a scalpel, hurts me....deeply.

Misery - Hobbling...enough said.

Friday the 13th Part 4 - The end scene Jason's head lands on his machete, and the handle hits the floor standing straight up....subsequently making Jason's head slide slowly down the blade, leaving pieces of "whatever" on the blade of his machete.

Thats it people, I don't know what else I could POSSIBLY say about horror movies.....So until the urge strikes me again when I see a phenomenal movie that you should all know about...this is it. Don't take anything for granted....because the next time you see someone in disguise...think about how many people they killed before you saw them....and whether or not you're next.


Phil said...

Nice list. I'm not a huge fan of the slasher genre, but there are some that do stand out as being more creative than others. I personally think Nightmare on Elm Street was a great idea, because you're helpless against falling asleep and you usually feel helpless against what happens in your dreams. I though that was a creative twist.

movie scary said...

I love slashers, thanks for the list.

Anonymous said...

Sematary. Pet Sematary. Part of the horror of it is that it's removed from adult logic, and correct spelling.